Criminal Possession of a Knife in New York

White Plains Gravity Knife Defense Attorney

Law enforcement throughout New York, and especially in New York City, has taken a broad approach to prosecuting people who carry supposed "gravity knives." A gravity knife is different from a switch blade or a butterfly knife in that by the flick of the wrist either gravity or a spring can cause the knife to open quickly. However, prosecutors have repeatedly charged people with what are merely folding knives, which are legal, with illegal possession of a gravity knife.

If you have been arrested for criminal possession of a knife in New York, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. At the Westchester County law office of Jasne & Florio, L.L.P., we have consulted with physicists, and we know the differences that define a true gravity knife. In many circumstances, a constitutional question is also present as to whether the law enforcement officer should have even stopped you to inspect your knife.

Our team of knowledgeable attorneys works diligently to protect the rights of our clients. Along with our bilingual (Spanish-speaking) staff, we pursue your best possible outcome aggressively and work to minimize negative consequences. If you have a previous criminal record, you could be charged with a felony for possession of a gravity knife and be facing a prison sentence.

We know your rights, and our lawyers are experienced in developing successful strategies to defend you against tough government prosecutors. Our services are cost-effective and dedicated to your unique needs in Manhattan, the Bronx, Orange County and throughout New York City.

Do not let such a defendable and questionable charge as illegal possession of a gravity knife penalize you. Contact us today via e-mail to discuss your options, or call us at 914-368-7236 or toll free at 888-881-7321.

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