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Classifications of crimes in New York

Many people in White Plains, New York, and the surrounding area probably recognize to some extent that some crimes are more serious than others.

For instance, a person who is accused of seriously hurting someone or robbing a bank is more likely to face a harsh punishment than, say, someone accused of being disorderly or shoplifting a candy bar.

When it comes to texting and driving, men may be worse than women

While it has largely been buried in the annals of history, there still may be a ghost of a common stereotype from bygone years that women are just not as good of drivers as are men.

However, at least when it comes to distracted driving, particularly texting and driving, this stereotype can be statistically proven false.

NCAA basketball coach strikes, kills pedestrian

Motorists in New York have an obligation to anticipate the unexpected, including a stalled vehicle on the road. It's important that drivers leave themselves enough time and pay enough attention, to be able to respond to the scene of the accident. Failure to do so could result in an additional or secondary accident on the roadway.

The long-term head coach of the men's basketball team for Syracuse, who has led the team to prominence several times over the decades, tragically hit and killed a pedestrian on an Interstate in the upper part of New York. The story has attracted the attention of the national news media.

Collecting judgments in divorce-related proceedings

Although White Plains residents might not intuitively think of them as such, divorces are in fact lawsuits just like claims involving personal injury, a breach of contract or a failure on the part of one person to pay a debt that he or she owes.

What this means is that the decision of a New York divorce court is an enforceable judgement, as well as an order of the court that can be punished by contempt. The judgement of a divorce will include language that declares a couple's marriage legally terminated and will likely also include orders saying who owns what property.

Review of spousal maintenance in New York

Like other states, New York allows for what the law formally calls spousal maintenance but which is commonly referred to as alimony.

However, unlike many other states, New York actually has a formula that courts generally must use in order to calculate the proper amount of spousal maintenance a person should pay.

A domestic violence conviction can affect custody, visitation

Criminal charges in New York that are related to domestic violence are very serious, even when the charge is a misdemeanor and against a person without a criminal history.

Because society takes domestic violence so seriously, a person who gets convicted may find himself, or herself, facing all kinds of legal consequences he never imagined. These consequences can extend well beyond the possibility of jail time and probation. The can even last well after a case has been concluded and one's sentence served in full.

Truckers must follow environmental laws

Like every other vehicle that travels on New York's roads, truck drivers who pass through White Plains are expected to follow the traffic laws of this state. Additionally, as previous posts have discussed, most truckers have a network of special rules and regulations that apply specifically to them.

This is because trucks are large and potentially dangerous vehicles that require some special skill and care to operate.

Assets are sometimes hidden in a divorce

Trust is often in short supply when a couple begins divorce proceedings. When the proceedings involve large sums of money, that lack of trust might be warranted.

If one spouse handled the bills and money management for the family, the other spouse is at a disadvantage when it comes to discovering the family's full financial picture. The spouse that handled the money might use this advantage to hide assets that might affect the equitable distribution of funds, spousal support or child support.

Tragic accident illustrates point about basic speed

A recent accident or, rather, chain of accidents, in a town not too far from White Plains left one person dead and another person, a police officer, injured.

According to reports, officers were working on an unrelated crash at the side of the road when a vehicle driven by a 31-year-old man ran in to two of the police cruisers at the scene. The officer who got hurt suffered minor injuries according to initial reports.

What is an inquest hearing?

Many individuals and businesses in and around White Plains, New York, may discover that they will get little to no legal resistance from someone who owes money to them. There are a number of reasons that this happens, one being that the debtor recognizes there is no valid reason why they should not pay what they owe.

For this reason, someone pursuing a lawsuit in a New York court may wind up in a situation where the debtor is in default, that is, not attending court or responding to the court's deadlines. In some cases, such as when there is a promissory note in play, the next step is to get an enforceable default judgement.

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