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Alcohol rules stricter for commercial drivers

Most White Plains, New York, residents probably know that if they get behind the wheel of a vehicle after having a few drinks, they are putting themselves in both personal and legal danger.

Even if they cause no accident, if an officer pulls them over and, using legal processes, finds out that they were operating a vehicle with over .08 blood alcohol content, then the driver will almost definitely face a criminal charge and, along with it, a license suspension and other problems, including even the possibility of jail time.

Divorce, taxes and 2018

Getting a divorce is a significant decision that requires care and time. You should consider all the ramifications, from the emotional to the financial. You should never rush. However, if you’ve already made the decision and are just waiting to get to the paperwork, there could be an incentive to act sooner rather than later if alimony is involved.

How to locate your debtor's property

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, when a White Plains, New York, business gets a judgment against a customer who did not pay, it is only the first step in what may be a long process of collections and judgment enforcement.

The business owner still has to figure out how he or she is going to turn the piece of paper from the court which says the customer owes money, or the judgment, in to cash that the business owner can use to settle the account.

New York retailers have duty to keep customers safe

Like other states, New York law requires property owners, including owners of retail stores and shopping malls, to keep their premises safe for their guests and others who come on to the property with permission.

What this means for retail stores and malls that they have to take reasonable steps to protect their customers from getting hurt while on the property shopping or even just browsing. While this does not mean a store's owner has to contemplate all possible ways a customer can get hurt, it does mean they have to be aware of, and prevent, more common hazards related to shopping.

How does divorce mediation work?

Many residents of White Plains, New York, may have heard about divorce mediation, as this blog has discussed it on previous occasions. Moreover, many experts talk about divorce mediation is a really good process that can help parents and children adjust to the idea of living life in separate homes without unnecessary emotional distress.

Mediation can also help a couple that intends to divorce or permanently separate from each other forge an agreement that both of them can live with and even feel some sense of ownership over. Finally, mediation saves time and money in terms of legal fees and costs and also can lay a foundation for a couple being able to resolve their differences down the road without having to return to court.

The United States is a dangerous country for motorists

The United States has the dubious distinction of being one of the most if not the most dangerous country for drivers, at least when comes to the number of traffic fatalities that happen in New York and in the other states across this country.

For one, according to the results of a recent survey that attracted the attention of at least one major newspaper, the United States saw a hike of over 13.5 percent in the number of traffic deaths between 2010 and 2016. Of the 28 other countries surveyed, only 4 others had an increase in traffic deaths over this time; fatalities actually went down in the rest of the countries.

New York woman facing felony drunk driving charges

A New York woman, although almost 80 years old, is facing serious charges relating to an alleged drunk driving incident that injured 9 people in a town just a few miles from White Plains. Of these 9 people, 5 were taken to hospitals and 4 were described as critically injured.

According to reports, the woman got in to her car which was parked in spot reserved for the disabled. The spot was near a local Italian eatery. Several people were in the restaurant enjoying a late evening dinner.

White Plains residents can benefit from drug diversion program

As is the case in other parts of New York, residents of White Plains who have the misfortune of being accused of a drug possession crime or even, in some cases, selling or manufacturing drugs can attempt to get involved in the local drug court or participate in another type of diversion program.

The details and eligibility requirements of these programs can vary from court to court and also depend on the facts of a person's case and other circumstances, such as the person's criminal record. Therefore, specific questions about White Plains drug courts and diversion programs should be addressed to an attorney with experience in criminal law.

Overview of knife-related laws

While other states have laws pertaining to knives, New York's regulations are known for being somewhat strict. They are rigorous enough where even a well-meaning resident of White Plains could find herself in trouble for possessing or illegally distributing knives. These charges are serious and can carry with them long-term consequences.

By way of example, state law bans a lot of different types of knives that, in other states, may well be perfectly legal. A switchblade, for example, is banned. Moreover, except if one has a hunting of fishing license, gravity knives are not allowed. A gravity knife is one that can be opened quickly, usually with just a rapid jerk rather than having to unfasten a clip or take some other step.

Tickets may require tough representation for CDL drivers

Although no motorist really wants a traffic ticket, particular types of traffic violations can spell a lot of additional trouble for truck drivers and others in New York who hold a commercial drivers' license and rely on it for their livelihood.

This is because some types of traffic infractions can cost a driver his or her commercial license, at least for some time. For example, even if it doesn't lead to a DUI charge, if a trucker gets caught driving with over .04 blood alcohol content will lead to a disqualification from commercial driving for one year.

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