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Helping people take action against truck violations

We all likely share the roads with large trucks on a daily basis. While motorists in New York view these drivers just like any driver on the road, the truth of the matter is that truck drivers have more duties to uphold, causing them to face more scrutiny when it comes to following the rules of the road and the regulations that control the trucking industry. Facing a trucking violation is not the same as a motorist facing a traffic violation. The consequences can sometimes be severe enough to jeopardize a truck driver's career.

Minor or major, a traffic violation can significantly impact truck drivers. Because of this, truck drivers will want to fight any ticket they receive. At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to helping truck drivers in New York understand their rights and take action to protect them. When a citation is issued or a truck driver is charged with a criminal traffic violation, this could threaten a truck driver's ability to maintain his or her commercial diver's license.

Parenting time following a divorce

Sometimes relationships come to an end. However, when married parents in New York and elsewhere decide to call it quits, this does not mean they are calling it quits on their relationship with their child. Although spouses no longer what to live together or have a relationship with one another, this should not alter or strain the relationship that a mother or father has with their child. During the divorce process, however, parents must determine what parenting will look like post-divorce.

While parenting time will not mimic what it looked like during marriage, it does not mean the relationship cannot be the same or grow between a parent and a child. Although the trend over the past several decades has been to give primary custody to the mother and visitation rights to the father, the recent years have shown a new trend.

When is one entitled to spousal maintenance in a divorce?

Divorce is not only an emotional process, but it is also a financial one. Even when complex assets are not involved, it can still be challenging for spouses to sort through all the finances. And, spouses will need to develop a post-divorce budget that addresses their new financial situation. Sometimes a spouse may come to the realization that they will have a very hard time making ends meet following their divorce. Thus, some spouses in New York and elsewhere seek spousal support (maintenance) to offset the financial challenges he or she might have for the short and long-term.

When is one entitled to spousal maintenance? In simple terms, maintenance is only awarded when a former spouse can prove that he or she will not be able to meet their financial needs without the assistance from their ex-spouse. Additionally, their ex-spouse must be able to pay maintenance payments.

Can I claim my children on my tax return after a divorce?

Tax season is here once again. Many are relishing the fact that this year they have two extra days before the federal income tax filing deadline arrives. This year it is April 17 instead of April 15.

With that, some divorcees may have questions about their tax filing status (single or married) as well as whether they may claim minor children on their tax returns. After all, federal law allows custodial parents to claim their children as dependents and take advantage of certain tax credits. Some divorce decrees specifically detail who may claim the child (or children). The order may indicate which parent may claim the child for tax purposes, explain that the parties will alternate use of the child tax exemption, or it may direct them to share any refund received as a result of the exemption.

New York man charged with drug charges after car crash

Car accidents can be scary events. They are ones that are unexpected, and are of course a difficult situation to process. What can make a hard time even more challenging is a motorist facing criminal charges following such an incident. This can cause an overwhelming matter to impact an individual in many ways, often making it difficult to navigate it.

Following a single car collision of Red Mill Road, New York State Police were dispatched to the scene of the collisions. Based on reports, the Honda Civic struck a tree and a utility pole. While police were investigating the matter and speaking with the driver, officers claim they saw signs of impairment.

Trucking regulations and brake standards

The trucking industry is very prominent in many industries. Whether it is retail, construction, mail or sanitation, commercial trucks are evidently very valuable in interstate and intrastate commerce. Because they maintain a very valuable role and are necessary to keep other industries operating, rarely a day goes by that motorists in New York and elsewhere don't encounter a large truck. Unlike smaller vehicles, these massive vehicles do not operate the same way. They maneuver differently and require much more time to stop. Therefore, specific regulations and standards have been passed to ensure the safety of the industry and reduce truck accidents.

With regards to brake systems, specific standards have been passed for the trucking industry. Section 393.40 of the Code of Federal Regulations specifies these standards. To begin, it states that all commercial vehicles must be equipped with brakes that are adequate to stop and hold the vehicle. Additionally, these vehicles must also meet the applicable service, parking and emergency braking requirements detailed in this section.

How do you collect debts from customers?

Owning and operating a business in White Plains is a huge responsibility. It is also a responsibility that requires an owner to complete a wide variety of tasks daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Ensuring that customers pay up on a timely basis is one of them. When customer payments fall behind, this can hurt a company's revenue and even offset their profits. Thus, it is important to understand ways to get customers to pay their outstanding bills.

How do you collect funds from customers? Recovering funds from customers might not be an ideal task for you, but it is a necessary one. When customers are significantly in arrears and any efforts you have taken have not worked, it might be the time to consider other options. This could mean taking legal action to collect these debts or even enforce a judgment that was placed against the customer for past due funds.

Advocating for your rights in child custody matters

When parents in New York decide to end their marriage, they are often worried about how much the divorce process with cost them. However, when children are involved, they will take any and all necessary steps to ensure the child is protected and their best interests are met. Even if a difficult child custody dispute breaks out, this does not automatically mean that spouses are stuck with costly litigation as their only method towards resolution.

At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our skilled legal team is dedicated to providing cost-effective and positive resolutions for our clients in the White Plains area. This means we carefully assess the details of our clients' family law matters, being sensitive to the emotions and wishes of our clients.

Cheating in NY is actually a crime, one that can affect a divorce

As if the guilt of being unfaithful to your spouse was not punishment enough, in New York State you could be charged with a crime. From the days of pinning the scarlet letter “A” for adulterer on a cheater’s jacket stems what can only be deemed as an outdated law. Outdated or not, when it comes to getting a divorce, people go to great lengths to be ruthless.

Technology makes it easy

The benefits of virtual divorce mediation

The movies and the media portray that divorce is a very complex, messy and dispute-filled time. This is often not far from the truth for some divorcing couples in New York and elsewhere. However, many couples in New York do not want to go through a spiteful and stressful divorce. Many couples seek out divorce methods that could help with an amicable divorce. This is where divorce mediation can be extremely helpful and valuable.

Divorce mediation is when couples come to the table, with the aid of a mediator, to work through their divorce issues in a civil manner. Whether it is face-to-face or in separate rooms, this process can help produce a workable divorce decree. But does divorce mediation have to take place in the same location? The answer is no.

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