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Drug paraphernalia charges in New York

Even non-users who have been exposed to the world of illicit drugs, or for that matter illicitly used prescription medication, probably know that many items used in connection with drugs are common or even everyday household items that have many other lawful purposes.

For example, under New York law, an electric scale or other item can lead to an accusation that the person who owns it is involved with illegal drugs. Specifically, she may face a charge of using drug paraphernalia. A first-time conviction for this crime is a misdemeanor, but subsequent convictions can be felonies and land a person in prison.

Luxury memberships, cemetery plots & other divorce entitlements

Wealthy divorces often lead to the unraveling of a complex amount of shared assets. Beyond the obvious types of assets (income, home, vehicles, etc.) couples should also consider the more unusual types of assets. When you are dividing a marriage, everything needs to be considered, including the pets, and the vacation homes.

A forensic accountant is often relied upon when divorcing couples find themselves going to trial. The details of financial matters are scrutinized under the magnifying lens of a forensic accountant. The couple’s marital assets are carefully combed for any type of item that has any perceived value.

Protecting your assets in a divorce

When you took your vows and walked down the aisle, you never fathomed that you would arrive at this moment. There’s no path forward and you’re forced to seek a divorce. You’re concerned about how it will affect your children, family and relationships with friends.

But you’ve also worked very hard to build assets. Maybe you own a vacation property on the coast. Perhaps, you own a business with your soon-to-be former spouse. Most likely, you have cash, stocks, financial securities, IRAs, 401Ks, automobiles and other high-value belongings. You want to protect those assets.

Getting caught texting and driving can be costly

As is the case with other drivers in New York, truckers and other commercial drivers are not allowed to text and drive or engage in other distracted behaviors involving technology. Those drivers who are subject to federal regulations also must follow federal motor carrier rules that prohibit distracted driving.

Violating New York's texting and driving ban while operating a commercial vehicle is considered a serious traffic violation under federal regulations. What this means is that a driver who gets convicted of texting and driving twice within three years will lose his commercial license for 60 days. Additional violations could leave him without a license for 120 days.

The numbers confirm New York's basic speed limit is important

The good news about the arrival of spring in White Plains and the broader New York City metro area is that we will likely not be seeing much more snow and ice for the next several months. On the other hand, there will now be plenty of rain to go around.

While drivers might realize that they need to slow down in the snow and ice, they may not think so much about slowing down in the rain. Indeed, a recent post on this blog described a tragic situation in which a motorist was apparently traveling too fast for the rainy weather and wound up killing one person and injuring another person.

Can I get my ex to help with extracurricular expenses?

Nowadays, many parents in the White Plains area consider a child's education incomplete unless the child is also involved in various extracurricular activities. Whether it is a sport, drama, music, or something else, many parents see these activities as having educational value and preparing a student to apply for college. They are also ways in which students get to experience school and have fun doing so.

As many New York parents know, the cost of extracurriculars can add up quickly. There are often fees and other additional expenses that parents have to cover out-of-pocket. When parents live in separate homes, one parent can ask the court to require the other parent to pay a fair share of these extracurricular expenses. However, a court does not automatically have to do this just because a parent asks.

Truckers must comply with minimum steering standards

Several previous posts have talked the various types of rules and regulations many truckers who are garaged or even pass through New York must follow. These rules govern the size and weight of trucks, as well as how much exhaust they can put out and how loud the truck can be.

Not surprisingly, truckers must also make sure that their vehicles meet certain minimum standards when it comes to safety equipment. One safety system that regulators and law enforcement officers pay particular attention to is a truck's steering components. After all, a truck with faulty steering will pose a hazard on the road even if the driver is among the most careful on the road.

We can help business owners get through a difficult time

Owning a New York business can be hard even when a White Plains resident is happily married, but it can get especially difficult when one is also going through a divorce.

One reason for this is business assets are difficult to value and divide, especially if the spouses have different ideas about what should happen to the business following their divorce. Likewise, the fact a person owns his or her own business, or has a share in a family business, can affect other aspects of a family law case as well.

Penalties for driving on a suspended license can be serious

The vast majority of White Plains residents probably know that they have to have a valid driver's license in order to operate their vehicles on New York's roads. In fact, getting a license to drive has become so commonplace that one can really say that it is ingrained in our culture.

What residents might not realize is that getting accused of violating this well-known state law can have consequences that go well beyond a traffic ticket. In fact, driving on a license that has been suspended, revoked or invalidated in some way can violate state criminal laws and lead to a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor, even for a first-time offense. Technically speaking, this crime is called aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

A loud truck in New York can lead to consequences

A previous post on this blog talked about how truckers passing through White Plains or other parts of this state must follow all state and local environmental laws. As this post discussed, these laws set standards with respect to a lot of issues related to a truck's impact on the environment. For example, there are laws limiting how much air pollution a truck can emit when traveling along the road.

It bears some special mention that, in New York, noise is in a way considered a pollutant. After all, while it may not directly contribute to climate change, noisy roads and highways are quite loud and can grate on the nerves of those who live around them. In some cases, exposure to loud noises can even damage one's hearing.

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