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Teacher, former NFL player, arrested

A teacher at a prominent school in White Plains, whose first career was playing wide receiver in the NFL, has been arrested for allegedly slapping one of his students.

The teacher has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He turned himself in and was since released on his own recognizance, that is, without having to post bail of any kind. The teacher has already had to resign his post. The resignation went in to effect immediately.

What are some common mistakes people make during divorce?

There some common mistakes that happen at the end of a relationship (if one can even call them that) which most resident of White Plains, New York, would recognize right off the bat.

For instance, no matter how angry one is about a divorce or separation, violence and other criminal behavior is certainly prohibited. It should also go without saying that actions such as flagrantly emptying jointly-held bank accounts, hiding assets, or other endeavors to hoarde or disguise marital holdings are serious lapses in judgment that will paint you in a negative light once they have been discovered and brought before a court.

Fighting a DWI/DUI charge in New York

For a person facing charges for allegedly driving under the influence, it can feel as though you have no options for avoiding major, life-changing penalties. Losing your license, facing jail time, owing fines and obtaining a criminal record are all possible penalties for a driver operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you are unsure of how to challenge the charges against you, consider some of the key elements of the state’s case against you. There are reasonable, logical arguments against each component of a criminal case, but it takes the skill and expertise of a criminal defense attorney to take on this style of defense. Each case varies from the next, but there are a few general steps to take in fighting a DUI/DWI charge in New York.

Is legal separation available in New York?

Many states have a formalized process in which a couple who wishes to remain legally married but live in separate households can obtain what is called a legal separation.

In a sense, New Yorkers call also obtain a legal separation, but the process is a bit different than in other states.

Upstate New York tragedy raises limo safety concerns

The worst transportation accident in almost a decade happened in upstate New York recently when 20 people died in a limousine crash. The accident was the worst tragedy that did not involve an airplane since 2005, when a bus carrying elderly people caught fire.

Obviously, there be a lot more investigation in to what caused this terrible accident. While it appears that the limousine driver did not successfully navigate a T-intersection and went in to a parking lot instead, it wasn't clear whether the driver made a mistake or the vehicle failed. In any event, 2 pedestrians and all the occupants of the limo died in the accident.

Common and less common issues with offshore accounts

There are many people in the White Plains area that own what are dubbed offshore accounts, but which may be more aptly described as accounts held in foreign banks.

Despite the fact that Hollywood and even the news media have given offshore banking a bit of bad name, it is in fact a legal way of investing one's money. It can even give New Yorkers several perfectly legitimate tax benefits and financial advantages.

New safety technology in cars promising, but has limits

As many people who have gone to buy a car recently know, the automobile industry has been very busy developing new safety technology that, hopefully, will prevent traffic-related injuries and fatalities.

According to the results of recent research, some of these safety features will be able to save thousands of lives on the road every year. For instance, a feature that warns drivers that they are about to hit something in front of the or that automatically applies the brakes, standing alone, can potentially prevent 884,000 injuries and just over 4,700 fatalities on the road.

Don’t guess your BAC level before driving — Self-check!

While most of us know that the legal Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit is 0.08 percent, it can be difficult to discern when this level is surpassed — without a little help, that is.

Queue the portable breathalyzer. These small devices have infiltrated the market in recent years for their ability to allow users to self-test and track their alcohol consumption before driving.

Mediation versus collaborative divorce

Previous post on this blog have talked about how divorce mediation is a useful tool for resolving divorces, as well as other family law issues, amicably. As these previous posts discussed, mediation involves a neutral third party with some family law and divorce experience.

This mediator will use a variety of techniques, usually involving at least one sit-down meeting, to bring the couple to an agreement on any outstanding issues related to things like custody, child support, property division and the like.

Overview of weight, size rules in New York

Truckers traveling on the roads in and around White Plains, New York, are responsible for transporting a lot of different types of property. Naturally, some of this cargo is large, very heavy, or otherwise of unusual size and stature and requires special handling.

Like other states, New York has laws that keep property that is too heavy or that is two big or bulky in size off the roads, as allowing this sort of cargo to be transported on a regular basis and during hours of peak traffic flow can cause safety issues on the highways and can damage the roads themselves.

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