Members of the Drug Enforcement Administration joined to the Spring Valley police to apprehend four New York men involved in a drug deal that included 1000 decks of heroin and tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Police confirmed that the arrests were part of Operation Life Line, which is a joint effort among several law enforcement organizations hoping to stop mid and upper level drug dealers. The four men arrested now face felony drug charges as a result of their alleged connection to the drug deal.

The men were caught when law enforcement officials approached their Nissan Altima, near 96 East and Route 59 last Wednesday. Police arrested each of the men and seized both the drugs and the cash, which totaled $15,000. A deck of heroin contains between one and 15 grams of the drug, and each deck is individually wrapped for sale.

Three of the men – ages 38, 27 and 20 respectively, were charged with first-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and a first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Each of the charges is considered felonious, and the men are being held at the county jail without bond. The fourth man, aged 39, was charged only with first-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. The details of his detainment are not known.

Given the serious nature of the allegations against the men, New York defense counsel will likely be sought. The penalties for felony drug charges can include prison time, probation, and monetary reparation. Qualified defense counsel may help those accused navigate legal proceedings and improve the possibility of lesser consequences.

Source: lohud, Cops: 4 NYC men arrested during Spring Valley drug deal, James O’rourke, 15 Jul, 2011