In New York, the penalty for drug possession can be harsh. Convictions often lead to sentencing that includes jail time and probation. A 21-year-old Bronx woman is now facing drug charge allegations associated with the possession of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.

Police stopped the woman on Interstate 95, for what has only been reported as a “vehicle violation.” According to the police report, one of the officers on the scene approached the vehicle and smelled marijuana. He believed the odor came from the passenger side compartment of the vehicle.

When police conducted a search of the vehicle, they found paraphernalia that’s generally associated with marijuana use. The police reported that the findings in the vehicle search provided what they considered to be a reasonable amount of suspicion for their continued search of the driver’s purse. Supposedly, the woman was carrying an unspecified amount of marijuana in her purse and was arrested and charged with the possession of a controlled substance.

The woman was released after signing a written agreement to appear before a Superior Court judge. There is currently no information available as to the specific charges the woman will be facing. According to the New York Penal Code, the possession of any unspecified amount of a controlled substance is considered at the very least, a misdemeanor.

Individuals who are facing allegations associated with the possession of even a small amount of any illegal drug may be charged with drug related offenses. Because the woman was operating a vehicle at the time of her arrest, she could also be faced with license suspension in addition to jail time and fines.

The advice of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will be helpful to ensure that proper procedures were taken by the officers during the search of the woman’s vehicle and her belongings. It would also be beneficial in helping the accused maneuver through the legal system fairly.

Source: Westport News, “NY woman faces drug charge in Westport,” 30 June 2011