In New York, drug charges can have serious consequences. If the person accused has encountered prior difficulties with the law, particularly if the problems involved other drug charges, they will likely need to prepare a strong defense in order to minimize the risk to their freedom.

Incarceration in state prison, property forfeiture, and other financial penalties are possible if convicted. With the potential consequences so serious, it is important to pay particular attention to each element of the crimes alleged.

On July 18, two New York City residents were arrested in upstate New York and charged with third and fourth degree criminal possession of a controlled substance. Charging the men with felonies, police claim they found crack cocaine in the car the men were riding in when it was stopped.

No information was initially released to explain why the police stopped the car in the first place, or whether either defendant was even driving the car. Both men are currently on parole for unspecified charges, and the state Board of Parole reportedly has issued a warrant for one of the accused. The men were held at the Broome County jail with arraignment in the Town of Union County.

Because the pair are apparently already on parole, defense counsel will need to prepare their case carefully. In addition to facing the current drug charges, both men could be compelled to answer to allegations of parole violation. A lawyer experienced in New York criminal law and procedure can help investigate whether or not the authorities followed proper procedure in stopping the car, searching it and making the arrests.

Source: Pressconnects, “NYC men face drug charges,” July 19, 2011