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September 2011 Archives

Jamestown residents face drug charges after police search

Drug charges were filed recently against three Jamestown residents after authorities searched their home. The search was conducted by the Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force and Jamestown Police Officers. A City Court judge issued a warrant for the search based on allegations by authorities that two of the defendants had sold crack cocaine to undercover agents. No further details of those drug charges were immediately released.

Exonerated prisoner faces drug charges in New York

A New York man who was wrongfully imprisoned may be headed back if he is convicted on new charges. The man, who spent 15 years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit, is faced with prison time for drug charges, according to police.

New York man, woman face drug charges

Small towns all over the United States are getting serious about drug use and distribution and law enforcement is cracking down. In mid-August, Batavia, New York saw two drugs-related arrests within a day of each other. A young man on parole was alleged to have been carrying cocaine when he was stopped by the police and was also alleged to have illegal drug-related paraphernalia in his home. Separately, a young woman is alleged to have made an attempt to sell cocaine to an undercover police officer for a second time within a six-month period. Drug charges were filed against both persons.

Drug charges land Beacon man in jail

Drug charges in New York are serious business. Many communities have established drug task forces, such as the Dutchess County Drug Task Force (DCDTF), to deal with the problem of the sale and use of illegal drugs. There is little doubt that drugs contribute to crime and are the cause of many automobile and other accidents. While the moniker "drug task force" is impressive, it is simply a police agency focusing on a perceived problem. A member of a task force is subject to the same rules and procedures that govern the conduct of all police officers investigating and processing drug charges in our state.

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