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October 2011 Archives

More federal charges for hip-hop talent agent

A prominent figure in the music industry is facing more charges after a police raid. According to a recent news report, federal prosecutors in New York filed drug charges against hip-hop talent agent James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond this past summer. Now the prosecutors have added more charges against Rosemond for allegedly possessing a sub-machine gun and silencer. Authorities claim the possession was illegal.

Woman faces drug, child endangerment charges

As detailed in a recent news report, a 30-year-old New York woman was pulled over by police for allegedly driving while talking on her cellphone. Police talked to the woman, who had her two infant children in the car with her. This seemingly routine traffic stop eventually resulted in drug charges being filed against her.

Online store owner faces wire fraud charges

In a recent news story, the owner of a New York-based online clothing retail store was arrested and charged with wire fraud. The individual allegedly overcharged customers by more than $5 million. Authorities claim the owner charged on-file credit card customers multiple times for things they didn't purchase.

Man, woman charged with drug possession, resisting arrest

Police set up surveillance in a New York neighborhood after residents complained about alleged drug activity in the area. During surveillance, a 46-year-old man was observed acting suspiciously, though no details were released as to what the man was doing that police found suspicious or whether he was in the house the police had under surveillance. Police interviewed and searched the man, but provided no details to explain the basis for searching him. Nevertheless, police say they found an undisclosed amount of crack cocaine on the man and that he purportedly resisted when they moved to place him under arrest for drug charges.

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