Details are hazy in a local news report about a Peekskill man whom police have charged with assaulting a United States Postal Worker. The 18-year-old man is accused of third-degree assault, which is a misdemeanor.

Police claim the incident took place on Jan. 10 at 3:30 p.m. However, a police spokesperson would not disclose the reason the young man gave for fighting with the postal worker. The officer said the motive was questionable. Still, given that police typically provide that kind of information to the media, it seems strange that the motive the young man offered should be withheld because police, for whatever reason, didn’t approve.

Some important questions remain to be publicly answered. Might the postal worker have instigated the incident? What other circumstances might have led to the altercation?

A police officer did confirm that there was no evidence suggesting that drugs or alcohol were involved.

The alleged assault reportedly caused injuries to the postal worker’s head and face, including a cut, bruising and a chipped tooth. A local news report did not indicate whether or not the accused young man had suffered any injuries.

The crime of which he is accused is a misdemeanor, but the police spokesperson said that United States Postal inspectors were continuing their investigation, and they may eventually file felony federal charges against the young man.

In the coming weeks, the 18-year-old involved in this incident would do well to seek legal assistance to carefully analyze the circumstances of the charge against him. Often, police and news reports aren’t as cut and dry as police and prosecutors would like us to think. Anyone in the Westchester County area who has been accused of a crime would do well to seek advice from a sympathetic legal professional who can help ensure that all of the rights of the accused are upheld in court.

Source:, “Peekskill Man Charged in Assault of Postal Worker,” Art Cusano, Jan. 17, 2012