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February 2012 Archives

New York legislators propose 3-strikes bill for DWI convictions

The penalties for a DWI conviction in New York are already very serious, adversely affecting peoples' driving privileges, careers and personal freedoms. But two New York legislators have proposed a bill that would make penalties for repeat DWI convictions even more severe.

Host of "Good Day New York" cleared of possible rape charge

A host of a popular morning talk show in New York was recently cleared of possible wrongdoing after prosecutors reviewed the evidence in the case and deemed the facts insufficient to file criminal charges. The man was cleared of the charge that he raped a woman in a lower Manhattan office building after the two had gone out for drinks. The woman claimed that she had not been capable of consenting to sex. However, the prosecutors said the determined facts of the case did not "fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law."

New York City marijuana arrests soar even after police order

New York City police have been criticized in the past for tricking people into buying drugs and then charging them with a crime. In fact, police officers have been specifically instructed not to use certain questionable tactics that many people say are downright illegal.

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