A host of a popular morning talk show in New York was recently cleared of possible wrongdoing after prosecutors reviewed the evidence in the case and deemed the facts insufficient to file criminal charges. The man was cleared of the charge that he raped a woman in a lower Manhattan office building after the two had gone out for drinks. The woman claimed that she had not been capable of consenting to sex. However, the prosecutors said the determined facts of the case did not “fit the definitions of sexual assault crimes under New York criminal law.”

The television host, who is also the son of a police commissioner, had adamantly denied any wrongdoing. “I am thankful that the investigation established what I’ve known all along,” he said, “that I am innocent of the allegations that were waged against me.”

In addition to interviewing the television host and the woman who accused him, investigators spoke with numerous witnesses and experts, looked at telephone records, security logs, receipts and text messages. Ultimately, however, the Manhattan district attorney’s sex crimes unit could not produce enough evidence to justify charging the man with rape.

Often, when a person faces such serious allegations, the prosecution does end up filing criminal charges. However, that still does not necessarily indicate that the accused individual is guilty. The burden of proof always lies on the prosecution and not the defendant, and everyone who is accused of sexual assault has the unshakable right to a fair trial and a meaningful criminal defense.

Source: CBS News, “NYPD boss’ son, not charged, returns to TV Friday,” Feb. 11, 2012