According to an arrest report filed by the White Plains Police Department, a 34-year-old man was yelling at EMT workers while they assisted his friend. The police claim the EMT workers were giving medical assistance to the second man because he was extremely intoxicated, though it wasn’t made clear in a local news report why the officers came to that conclusion.

After police arrived on the scene, a series of actions ensued, and the 34-year-old who was said to be yelling is now facing a misdemeanor charge of possession of a controlled substance. Whether there is enough evidence to convict the man on the drug charge remains to be seen.

The arrest report says that when the police arrived, the 34-year-old who was frantic over his friend’s condition began to walk away. The police claim he put his hands in his pockets at that point. This otherwise normal gesture apparently prompted the police to remove his hands from his pockets. Exactly how the officers went about this task wasn’t detailed in a news article, nor was it indicated whether or not the man produced an illegal substance when the police made him show his hands.

The arrest document goes on to say that the officers smelled PCP on the 34-year-old. The police then searched him, and they claim to have found a Zip-Lock bag with marijuana in it. A local news article doesn’t say how much marijuana was supposedly in the bag, but the arrest report does allege that the marijuana was covered in a substance the police believe was PCP. Presumably, a lab test will be conducted to determine whether or not that claim can be substantiated.

The 34-year-old White Plains man was charged with misdemeanor drug possession, and he was taken to jail because of an outstanding warrant from New York City.

A close look at the circumstances of the man’s arrest could reveal mitigating factors that result in a reduction or dismissal of the drug charge. For instance, the details of the search and seizure may come into play, depending on whether the police followed proper procedure under state and federal laws.

Source: White Plains Patch, “White Plains Man Charged With PCP Possession,” Zach Oliva, March 30, 2012