There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that crimes committed at home between couples can be very serious. Not only is the situation serious in terms of the victims of such crimes; the accused can also face severe consequences if the charges result in a conviction. Due to the intimate nature of most domestic violence allegations, friends, family and neighbors often presume the guilt of the accused, even before the case is heard in court.

One man from Elmsford is likely receiving such treatment, as he is currently facing felony and misdemeanor charges of domestic violence after an alleged altercation with his former girlfriend. The incident was said to have occurred at the ex-girlfriend’s White Plains apartment.

Police were tipped off by the woman’s mother, who reported a call she received from her daughter. The mother claims her daughter was screaming for help during the phone call.

The authorities say that officers found the apartment in disarray when they arrived; they assumed that some sort of fight had broken out, given that some items were strewn about the residence. The police maintain that the ex-girlfriend was found bruised and beaten with neck pain and a swollen eye.

The 30-year-old ex-boyfriend was arrested and charged with a number of crimes, including the felony of strangulation in the second degree, misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment.

Despite our most optimistic assumptions, domestic violence occurs more often than most people imagine. Unfortunately, false accusations happen, too. While it is not always easy to doubt the claims of a person who has been injured, allegations alone do not, and should not, secure a conviction. The accused still has the chance to mount a strong criminal defense, and the prosecution must carry the burden of proof. To succeed, prosecutors need solid evidence pinning the suspect to the crime.

Source: White Plains Patch, “Man Accused of Strangling Ex-Girlfriend in City Apartment,” Zach Oliva, July 3, 2012