With every crime comes a penalty. One’s punishment will depend on the severity of their offense. When an individual commits a violent crime, unfortunately, it is likely their penalty will be harsh.

Recently, a White Plains man was involved in an incident considered to be violent. While the details of the story remain to be proven, it was asserted that he threatened a passerby with a six-inch knife outside a mall food court.

According to the victim, he was walking beneath an underpass when the suspect approached him and asked what he was looking at. After hearing the victim’s response, the suspect supposedly spewed derogatory comments at the victim, and later pulled a knife from a black bag and threatened to stab him. Again, the details of this account have not yet been proven in a court of law, but police also allege that while intimidating the victim, the suspect was holding the knife in a rather threatening manner.

The suspect was found later at a bus stop. He was arrested and charged with a string of crimes, including third-degree menacing and fourth-degree possession of a weapon. If convicted, the suspect could face up to three months in jail on the first charge and up to a year in jail on the second charge.

While an individual in the suspect’s position may feel they have no chance of a positive outcome, there are still avenues to pursue. First, whenever an arrest takes place, there are specific procedures police must follow. If an officer does not adhere to these guidelines while making an arrest, the case should be challenged. Law enforcement officers are not perfect and any mishap should be brought to light. A suspect has rights, and those rights need to be protected.

Source: White Plains Daily Voice, “Police: White Plains Man Pulls Knife On Passerby” Brian Donnelly, July 7, 2012