Long Island police recently arrested a 30-year old man for drunk driving after he allegedly crashed his car into a house. Law enforcement officials stated that the man drove his car off the road in Bellmore, New York, drove through a fence, and crashed into the side of a house. The man’s car was reportedly seen sticking halfway onto the lawn of the house. The man was charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), reckless driving, and assault. The man and a passenger were reportedly trapped inside the car as a result of the accident and were treated for head injuries. The occupants of the house were not harmed.

This incident is an example of one of the after-effects of a drunk driving accident, namely property damage. Accidents caused by drunk drivers can cause thousands of dollars of damage to property such as fences or homes. In this particular case, the homeowners’ lawn, fence and house were damaged by the car crash.

The people involved in this particular incident are fortunate that nobody was seriously injured. This accident had the potential to cause death or great injury to both the motorists and the homeowners. Drunk driving accidents pose a major threat to motorists in New York and across the nation, and their impact on the lives of those affected is immeasurable.

Regardless of the costs, anyone accused of driving under the influence is entitled to a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant has the constitutional right to question witnesses, challenge the accuracy of any field sobriety, breathalyzer, and blood alcohol tests, and call the admissibility of the evidence into question. A defendant in a drunk driving case need not meekly submit to the charges, but may instead vindicate himself or herself in a court of law. A strong criminal defense strategy can help make certain that criminal defendants are not deprived of their constitutional rights.

Source: CBS Local, “Police: Drunk Driver plows into house on Long Island,” April 7, 2013.