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June 2013 Archives

Former NY mayor acquitted of spousal abuse

Recently, the former mayor of White Plains, New York, was acquitted by a jury of domestic violence charges after a re-trial of the original case. The mayor previously had been convicted of harassment and attempted assault of his ex-wife, who alleged that he threw hot tea at her and intentionally slammed a door on her fingers. The domestic abuse allegations led to his resignation as mayor, ending a once-promising political career. His convictions later were overturned by an appeals court, which held that he had been wrongfully denied the opportunity to call witnesses in his defense against the accusations, leading to the need for a retrial. At the retrial, a witness for the husband alleged that the wife stated that the door-slamming incident might have been an accident, casting doubt on her allegations of domestic violence.

New technologies used in committing white collar offenses

Recently, it has been noted by attorneys specializing in white collar crime that offenders in New York and elsewhere are becoming savvier in using technology, making these offenses more difficult to uncover. In many white collar crime cases, a massive amount of electronic evidence is uncovered and law enforcement officials often simply do not have the resources to process it all. Also, many white collar offenders are using text messages or Skype rather than cell phones or e-mail to conduct the offense, thus evading phone wiretaps or traceable email messages.

New York City man arrested for selling crack cocaine

A 24-year-old man from the Bronx was recently arrested for selling crack cocaine to police informants on two occasions in Glen Falls, New York. The man is alleged to have sold over 100 pieces of crack cocaine to the informants on two separate occasions. The man was charged with two counts each of drug possession and possession with the intent to sell. Police believe the man had come to Glen Falls for the specific purpose of selling drugs, and he had been in the area for approximately four to six weeks. The man's arrest came as the result of a police investigation into drug activity at a local home, and a woman who lives at the home is currently under investigation for her alleged role.

Actress Amanda Bynes strongly denies drug charges

Recently, former child actress Amanda Bynes vigorously denied drug charges filed against her by the New York Police Department, and denied reports that she had thrown a bong out of her luxury apartment building in New York City. Bynes was charged with drug possession, tampering with evidence and reckless endangerment. The police had been called to her apartment after she had been observed by a building employee allegedly rolling, lighting and smoking a marijuana joint in the building's lobby. Police observed heavy smoke and a bong allegedly sitting in a window, which police say Bynes tossed out in front of them.

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