A 24-year-old man from the Bronx was recently arrested for selling crack cocaine to police informants on two occasions in Glen Falls, New York. The man is alleged to have sold over 100 pieces of crack cocaine to the informants on two separate occasions. The man was charged with two counts each of drug possession and possession with the intent to sell. Police believe the man had come to Glen Falls for the specific purpose of selling drugs, and he had been in the area for approximately four to six weeks. The man’s arrest came as the result of a police investigation into drug activity at a local home, and a woman who lives at the home is currently under investigation for her alleged role.

In this particular case, the man was arrested at the home of another, in a different city than the one he resided in. Police would probably say that it is highly likely that the owner of the house allowed him to stay there, and that he had assistance in obtaining and selling the drug. In drug selling rings, there are people involved in the distribution, sale and transportation of the drugs.

Drug trafficking is considered to be a more serious offense than simple drug possession, and is punished at both the federal and state levels. Many state laws are modeled after the federal statutes in providing mandatory minimum sentences. However, defendants have the opportunity to defend themselves against drug trafficking charges by challenging the validity of the search and seizure of the evidence. Evidence is improperly obtained under the Fourth Amendment if it is obtained without a warrant.

Anyone accused of drug possession or trafficking is entitled to a vigorous criminal defense and a presumption of innocence until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt. They may question witnesses, challenge the admissibility of evidence and have the contraband excluded from evidence if its seizure is found to violate the Constitution.

Source: Poststar.com, “New York City man arrested on drug charges in Glen Falls,” June 5, 2013