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October 2013 Archives

Brooklyn man sues police after officers mistake candy for meth

One would hope that police will thoroughly investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding an alleged criminal incident before making an arrest. Unfortunately, mistakes made by police can result in false accusations of a crime.

Four charged in international drug trafficking ring

Charges of drug crimes and conspiracy are taken very seriously by prosecutors and can cost an individual their freedom. However, anyone accused of trafficking or smuggling drugs in New York has the constitutional right to defend their innocence from the state's accusations.

Activists seek to empower domestic abuse victims

Recently, anti-domestic violence advocates held a conference in Rockland County, New York, where October was designated as the Domestic violence awareness month. The goal of the conference and of the activists is to work to empower the victims of domestic violence to end the problem and to bring awareness to it. The activists were joined by district attorneys and local office holders who highlighted programs designed to fight domestic abuse. According to some of the activists, there is much work to be done in order to fight the problem; in New York State, there were 85,000 cases of domestic violence last year and 60 deaths. According to one estimate, one in four women will be affected by domestic violence. A Rockland County activist said that approximately 250 to 300 people came to their walk-in office per month. The conference highlighted numerous events throughout October to help victims, remember those who died, and thank supporters of their efforts.

Study calls for new techniques to fight high-tech fraud

Recently, a study done by the Manhattan District Attorney's office highlighted perceived weaknesses in New York's criminal laws in combating sophisticated online fraud and other white collar-crimes. The report recommends that the state of New York update its criminal laws in order to better combat white-collar felonies.

Man fails DUI test after refusing to take it

Recently, a 26-year old man in White Plains was pulled over by police on suspicion of driving under the influence. The driver was allegedly found by law enforcement sleeping on the wheel of his car, which was parked three feet from the curb with the engine running.

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