Recently, anti-domestic violence advocates held a conference in Rockland County, New York, where October was designated as the Domestic violence awareness month. The goal of the conference and of the activists is to work to empower the victims of domestic violence to end the problem and to bring awareness to it. The activists were joined by district attorneys and local office holders who highlighted programs designed to fight domestic abuse. According to some of the activists, there is much work to be done in order to fight the problem; in New York State, there were 85,000 cases of domestic violence last year and 60 deaths. According to one estimate, one in four women will be affected by domestic violence. A Rockland County activist said that approximately 250 to 300 people came to their walk-in office per month. The conference highlighted numerous events throughout October to help victims, remember those who died, and thank supporters of their efforts.

Domestic violence is an extremely traumatic problem, due to the romantic relationship involved between the abuser and the victim. This makes many women reluctant to report spousal abuse. Fortunately, there are numerous steps that battered women can take to protect themselves and their children from attacks. They have the right to file for divorce from their abuser or file a temporary restraining order from their significant other.

Temporary Restraining Orders (TROs) are judicial orders that require a person to keep a certain distance away from another in order for the safety and protection of the other person. They are handed down in cases where there has been violent confrontation between the parties, and are thus often used in domestic violence cases. If a person violates such an order, they can be arrested and imprisoned for the violation.

Victims of domestic abuse have the legal right to seek a remedy and a solution to this terrible problem. They may file for divorce if they are married to their abuser, and may also seek a temporary restraining order for the protection of themselves and any children involved. Any victim of domestic violence is entitled to seek peace and safety from the abuser.

Source:, “Goal of domestic violence awareness is to empower,” Robin Traum, October 7, 2013.