Just about every driver in New York has made a mistake behind the wheel. Some of these slipups are minor like forgetting to use a blinker or slightly speeding, while others are major such as driving the wrong way. When one makes a major driving mistake, the police are more likely to take note and react. Sometimes when these drivers are stopped, they are accused of drunk driving.

An Elmsford woman is well aware of this after her arrest on suspicion of DUI. According to police, the woman was reported driving the wrong way on Sprain Brook Parkway. State police responded to calls and say they discovered the woman drove the wrong way for three miles before she was stopped. Though the police and the media are quick to condemn this accused woman, she, and others similarly situated, are innocent until proven guilty. As such, those facing these circumstances should consider obtaining an attorney who will fight for them.

A New York drunk driving attorney can challenge several aspects of the prosecution’s case. Blood alcohol content analysis can be inaccurate, Breathalyzers may be improperly calibrated, field sobriety tests may be inappropriately conducted and the initial stop may have been illegal. All these issues can be contested by the defense in an attempt to get evidence suppressed and charges dropped.

If it will be impossible to get charges dropped, then a defense attorney can negotiate with the prosecutor on the defendant’s behalf to seek a fair resolution. This may be a strategy to consider in order to reach lessened penalties, but such negotiations require skill and persuasion, both of which an attorney can provide.

The dangers of choosing not to fight a DUI charge can be severe. The accused individual may be forced to surrender her license for a long period of time, spend a considerable amount of time in jail and pay hefty fines. These punishments can affect work, school and personal obligations, thus drastically altering an individual’s life for the worse. With that in mind, all drivers should choose not to neglect their legal rights.

Source: News 12 Westchester, “Elmsford’s Sherry Brown charged with DUI wrong-way driving on Sprain Brook Parkway,” Oct. 23, 2013