New York does not tolerate drunk driving on its streets. And despite the fact that drunk driving is considered a serious offense and carries significant penalties, the state still has its fair share of alcohol-related incidents. When one finds him or herself charged with a drunk driving crime, it can be life-altering. A recent DUI incident can help serve as an example.

Recently, police arrested a 41-year-old man in Somers, New York, after he allegedly drove under the influence. According to the authorities, the man’s vehicle was traveling 70 mph on Route 35, above the 55 mph speed limit. Police had the driver perform a Breathalyzer test, which allegedly revealed a Blood Alcohol Content level of 0.13 percent. He is now facing a driving while intoxicated charge.

Fortunately in this case, there was no accident. Drunk driving charges can escalate depending on several factors, including the BAC level, repeat offenses, injuries and any possible breach of Leandra’s Law.

A DUI can result in an automatic driver’s license suspension or revocation, and subsequent charges can result in more serious penalties. For example, a driver may be required to use an ignition interlock device before using a car. Other penalties may include prison time, rehabilitation, probation, community service and fines.

Additionally, a DUI also has financial implications. A suspended driver’s license can affect employment opportunities and can also result in higher insurance costs.

And although a DWI charge may seem simple enough, defending it in court can be difficult. Prosecutors often use drunk driving charges to teach the accused DUI offender a hard lesson. A person accused of a DWI, therefore, may wish to consult a legal professional immediately. Building an aggressive defense strategy is important to either establish the innocence of the defendant or reduce the charges. Additionally, certain evidence may be contested during DUI litigation, including the results of the sobriety test and other facts surrounding the arrest.

Source: Somers Daily Voice, “Police Arrest Man In Somers Going 70 MPH On Route 35 On DUI Charges,” Eric Gendron, Dec. 11, 2013