Police in New York will aggressively seek out and arrest those they believe committed a weapons crime. One recent example is that of a man who was arrested following the shooting of a straight-A student on a street corner in Brooklyn.

Investigators say the 14-year-old girl, a Brooklyn resident, was at a crosswalk in the East New York neighborhood waiting for a signal to change when she suddenly felt a pain in her leg and then realized that a bullet had entered just above her knee. She apparently did not see the shooter or anyone fighting before the incident.

Police found what they believe to be video from a surveillance camera that shows the shooter running through a gas station and then apparently firing a gun three or four times in the girl’s direction. A 19-year-old man was later tracked down and arrested and is now facing one count of reckless endangerment, one count of illegal possession of a weapon and two counts of assault.

The girl’s parents are trying to keep her identity secret to protect her from retaliation.

Assault with a deadly weapon is a serious criminal offense. Convictions for violent crimes often involve minimum mandatory sentencing, which means that a prison sentence is likely in most cases.

Certain types of evidence can be difficult to contest, but it is possible. For example, the identity of those supposedly recorded through a surveillance video can be questioned. In addition, it is possible in the case of gun crimes that a different weapon other than the one belonging to the accused was used to commit the shooting.

An aggressive defense established with the help of a legal professional may be the best way for the accused to address the charges against him.

Source: NBC New York, “Man Arrested in Shooting of Brooklyn Girl, 14, Walking Home from School,” Nov. 27, 2013