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January 2014 Archives

Driver faces DUI charges after striking parked police car

An alleged drunk driver was arrested in Greenwich Village recently after his car struck an NYPD car on the West Side Highway after 10 one recent evening. According to the police officers, their car was parked with rooftop lights flashing along West 12th and Bethune Street after they had pulled over another vehicle when the alleged drunken driver's vehicle struck theirs. The force of collision pushed the police car onto the car that had been pulled over.

Ex-NY Giants player Nate Robinson faces drug possession charge

New York, as well as other states, does not tolerate illegal drug possession, manufacturing or distribution. Anyone accused of drug charges may face severe legal consequences, even if the infraction is a mere possession of a controlled substance.

Honorary envoy faces domestic violence charges in New York

People who are accused of domestic assault often have a hard time defending themselves from the public's opinion of them. Many people assume that the accused is entirely guilty and probably started the altercation in the first place.

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