An alleged drunk driver was arrested in Greenwich Village recently after his car struck an NYPD car on the West Side Highway after 10 one recent evening. According to the police officers, their car was parked with rooftop lights flashing along West 12th and Bethune Street after they had pulled over another vehicle when the alleged drunken driver’s vehicle struck theirs. The force of collision pushed the police car onto the car that had been pulled over.

According to the officers, the 50-year-old male driver who allegedly started the crash had bloodshot, watery eyes, and breathe that smelled of alcohol. The suspected drunk driver underwent a breath test that displayed 0.07 blood alcohol content. The man was charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and operating a vehicle while impaired by alcohol. Fortunately, there were no injuries from the crash.

Cases like this one are not new to New Yorkers anywhere in the state. Many people have a beer or a glass of wine after work. Everyone should be aware of the effects of alcohol have on their ability to drive a vehicle, not to mention the ramifications of a DUI arrest and conviction.

DUI cases vary. For most first-time offenders, their cases will be treated as misdemeanors with lesser fines and penalties. Repeat offenders, however, may face felony charges that can result in imprisonment, punitive fines, higher insurance premiums and license suspension.

Anyone charged with driving under the influence should explore his or her legal options with the assistance of legal counsel. A suspected drunk driver can ask legal counsel for possible ways to have the charges reduce or dropped or whether it is better to fight the charges in court. Establishing a strong criminal defense is essential in the event the case heads to court.

Source: DNAinfo New York, “Drunk driver crashes into parked police car on W. Side Highway, police say,” Danielle Cholakian, Jan. 16, 2014