New York, as well as other states, does not tolerate illegal drug possession, manufacturing or distribution. Anyone accused of drug charges may face severe legal consequences, even if the infraction is a mere possession of a controlled substance.

Police arrested former New York Giants player Nate Robinson in Newark, which is just around an hour away from White Plains. Reportedly, police were in the area to respond to the escalating violence in the city. Officers pulled over Robinson for a traffic violation and allegedly found a .45 caliber handgun and ecstasy in his car. He is now facing charges of possession of a controlled substance and illegal possession of a weapon.

Prior to his arrest, Robinson had played for the New York Giants and New York Jets. He is listed currently as a free agent.

Charges and convictions of drug crimes depend on several factors, including the kind and the amount of drugs involved. In this case, although the accusation may seem simple, drug charges carry serious consequences in New York. If the accused was proven guilty, he or she may be subjected to a prison or jail sentence, probation, rehabilitation and fines.

Additionally, drug charges can damage a person’s status. For instance, drug charges and convictions can result in lost employment opportunities when employers track the records of applicant. This is why making a defense is important. It could help reduce or drop the charges against them, which could help limit the impact the accusations have on the suspect’s personal and professional life.

Anyone accused of a drug crime may feel helpless in his or her situation. Fortunately, the accused can spare him or her from a harsh sentence by proving innocence or by settling the lawsuit through a plea negotiation.

There are particular points to consider in a criminal proceeding involving drug charges, including the process of how the car was stopped, how the evidence was recovered and the matter of the arrest. Seeking advice about making a defense could assist the accused and help them take appropriate action

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