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February 2014 Archives

Bronx man taken into custody on identity fraud charges

A 34-year-old Bronx man was recently taken into custody on fraud charges in Salem, New Hampshire. The man allegedly attempted to use another person's identity to send iPads to his home country of Ghana.

Sex and drug trafficking ring leads to 18 arrests

Prohibited drugs such as cocaine, heroin and illegally obtained prescription drugs are known for their adverse effects on users. Because of this, law enforcement officials throughout New York State work hard to find those responsible for manufacturing, distributing and even using these drugs. Anyone caught selling or using drugs can be arrested on various drug charges that can have serious consequences if the person is convicted.

Domestic violence victim sets abuser's house on fire

One Bronx couple clearly has issues to work out, hopefully, with the help of some trained mediators or therapists. According to the New York Police Department, a domestic assault between a 33-year-old man and his 22-year-old girlfriend led to a badly burned apartment and criminal charges against both of them.

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