One Bronx couple clearly has issues to work out, hopefully, with the help of some trained mediators or therapists. According to the New York Police Department, a domestic assault between a 33-year-old man and his 22-year-old girlfriend led to a badly burned apartment and criminal charges against both of them.

The couple was fighting in the couple’s apartment early on a recent Sunday morning. Reportedly, the man hit his girlfriend several times on the head and back with a hammer. In retaliation, the woman bit her boyfriend and tried to stab him, before starting the fire in his apartment.

The woman was charged with possession of a weapon, assault and arson. Her boyfriend was charged with possession of a weapon and assault.

One apartment building neighbor said police have been to the man’s apartment periodically since the girlfriend moved in several months ago, and that the couple had been loudly fighting in the hours before the incident. In fact, the neighbor said that the woman had been taken away once before in handcuffs.

This case could be partially resolved, if both of those charged undergo counseling, which could help their relationship and prevent repeat incidents. Relationships with problems that are addressed through anger and confrontation are more likely to lead to explosive incidents, such as this one. Simple arguments often become heated, and one party may hurt the other. Cases of domestic violence are more frequent than most people realize, and the consequences for both parties involved can be severe.

In this case, both of those charged need to establish strong criminal defenses to fight the charges against them. Both defendants should consider talking to knowledgeable legal professionals who can explain the details of both of their cases, representing them in court and preparing strong defenses on their behalf.

Source: New York Post, “Woman sets fire to boyfriend’s apartment during fight,” Kevin Sheehan & Daniel Prendergast, Jan. 26, 2014