Guns and other weapons can be used for self-defense, but criminals are more than willing to use them to commit robberies and assaults. New Yorkers know all too well that such violent crimes are sometimes a part of urban life.

In early January, a 42-year-old rapper died and three others were wounded in a late-afternoon shooting incident in Queens. Police say the man who was killed had been sitting in the front passenger seat of a sports utility vehicle, with three people sitting in the back seat, when the SUV stopped at an intersection on 134th Avenue. Two gunmen fired multiple times from a stationary vehicle in the next lane.

The rapper died from a gunshot wound to his chest. Three others – two men, ages 22 and 29, and a woman, a 33-year-old – sustained various gunshot wounds to the neck, shoulder and leg and were taken to two area hospitals for treatment.

More than a month after the shooting, a 35-year-old man from Queens was arrested on four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, three counts of attempted murder and one count of murder. The suspect was to be arraigned in Queens Criminal Court. The man is reportedly an ex-convict who has 10 previous arrests and two convictions for attempted assault and attempted murder, according to court documents. Police officers are still searching for the other gunmen.

The suspect in this case is facing multiple charges that could lead to a minimum of 25 years in prison if convicted. But, the suspect can exercise his legal rights by establishing a strong criminal defense. It is imperative for anyone accused of a serious crime to get the right information in order to navigate state and federal courts.

Source:, “Man charged in shooting that killed rapper, wounded 3 others in Queens,” Feb. 11, 2014