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March 2014 Archives

Midstate New York man gets twin DWI charges same night and place

Lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice, but when it does, the effects are rarely pleasant to anyone near the strike. Take the case of an Oneonta man who recently earned not one, but two DWI charges on the same night and at the same location.

New York man faces criminal charges for trying to protect family

Criminal charges come with severe consequences. If convicted of criminal charges, a Westchester County, New York resident could potentially face a substantial fine and lengthy prison sentence. The resident's reputation may also be tarnished. However, not everyone facing charges has malicious intent in mind. Others, such as a Huntington Station man, only want to protect their loved ones.

Former New York firefighters and police face fraud allegations

New York residents convicted of felonies can face severe consequences including loss of employment, financial hardship and prison time. But the most damning consequence may be the damage to one's reputation. A New York resident's legacy-personal or professional-can be tarnished by mere accusations. Take, for example, the recent case of almost two dozen former firefighters and police officers who were arrested for alleged disability fraud.

NFL player Ray Rice faces domestic violence charges

Domestic conflict is a sensitive topic in New York State just as in most states in the country. It usually involves spouses or children harmed as a result of one person's abusive behavior. Restraining orders are often served following an incident of domestic assault in hopes of preventing more incidents of abuse. More often than not, the person accused of instigating a domestic abuse incident will face criminal charges.

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