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Midstate New York man gets twin DWI charges same night and place

Lightning rarely strikes the same spot twice, but when it does, the effects are rarely pleasant to anyone near the strike. Take the case of an Oneonta man who recently earned not one, but two DWI charges on the same night and at the same location.

One early Sunday morning, the 31-year-old man rear-ended a car in a McDonald's drive-through and was charged with drunk driving after his blood alcohol content registered 0.25 percent, three times the legal limit of 0.08 percent, according to New York State police. The man was later released to a sober party who took him home.

Four hours later, the man was again at the same McDonald's outlet where he allegedly struck the building with his car. After he fled the scene, police found his damaged car outside his home and arrested him for his second DWI of the night. Before being taken to the Town of Oneonta Court, the man's injuries were treated at a local hospital. He was later released for the second time to a sober party.

The man had a previous DWI arrest last November when he reportedly had a BAC of 0.11 percent, according to state police.

Any repeated criminal charge generally gets a more severe consequence if the accused is convicted, whether that means more time in prison or heftier fines. An accused party may be better off seeking a plea deal to significantly reduce the consequences of a conviction. However, the accused can also fight the charges in hopes of getting them dismissed. The latter course of action requires a more aggressive defense.

Whatever option an accused chooses to take, the guidance of an experienced criminal law professional is strongly advised. A professional can help prepare a plea deal or mount a strong defense on behalf of the accused.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Man Slapped With 2 DUIs In 1 Night At Same McDonald's," David Moye, March 15, 2014

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