Criminal charges come with severe consequences. If convicted of criminal charges, a Westchester County, New York resident could potentially face a substantial fine and lengthy prison sentence. The resident’s reputation may also be tarnished. However, not everyone facing charges has malicious intent in mind. Others, such as a Huntington Station man, only want to protect their loved ones.

A man is facing manslaughter charges after he shot and killed a burglar. But the man, as his loved ones indicate, only acted in self-defense. The incident happened on August 21, 2013. According to police, four accomplices were in the man’s backyard shed and an armed robber tried to enter his home through the porch. Eventually, the robber fired the weapon at the sliding glass door. While his parents cowered, the resident took hold of a shotgun and his two brothers grabbed wooden sticks.

The brothers chased the burglars off the property; the burglary victim fired the shotgun, hitting one of the burglars in the back. The 33-year-old burglar later died from his gunshot injuries. The resident was charged with manslaughter. He was allowed bail but was fitted with a GPS ankle bracelet, confining him to his home. He had to surrender his passport as well.

His brother stated that he only acted in self-defense and found it absurd that the district attorneys are defending the burglars. However, the family is confident that their statement as well as the video surveillance of the incident will eventually clear the man.

Whether a Westchester County resident is charged with violent crimes, possession of a firearm or any other criminal charge, an aggressive defense is invaluable. A defense can include credible statements from witnesses, evidence like the video footage presented by the family and other evidence that could possible prove the innocence of an accused person. A criminal law professional can help establish a solid defense on behalf of the accused person.

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