Domestic conflict is a sensitive topic in New York State just as in most states in the country. It usually involves spouses or children harmed as a result of one person’s abusive behavior. Restraining orders are often served following an incident of domestic assault in hopes of preventing more incidents of abuse. More often than not, the person accused of instigating a domestic abuse incident will face criminal charges.

Such is the case of Ray Rice, a running back for the Baltimore Ravens football team. According to court documents, Rice allegedly struck his girlfriend with his hand, knocking her unconscious, while inside a casino in New Jersey. Court documents allege that the player also had an argument with his fiancée while inside an elevator at the Revel Casino. Surveillance video footage showed that the football player then dragged the motionless woman outside the elevator.

A summons for Rice has been issued by a New Jersey court with charges of domestic violence and simple assault.

Being charged with any criminal offense can damage a person’s reputation. In this case, the football player must defend himself against serious criminal allegations and charges. He can start by enlisting the help of a criminal defense attorney to ensure that his rights are fully protected as the case progresses.

With the help of a staunch legal advocate, an accused person has a better chance of proving his or her innocence in a court trial. In Rice’s case, the defense can challenge the surveillance video and other evidence that will be presented by prosecutors. Not every case should be dealt with by going directly after the prosecutor, however. In some cases, a defendant is better off negotiating with state prosecutors for reduced charges. The defendant whose future is on the line is the only one who can make that decision.

Source:, “Ray Rice charged with assault and domestic violence after Atlantic City casino incident,” Scott Hazlewood, Feb. 20, 2014