Football enthusiasts, including the ones in White Plains, New York, may remember Artrell Hawkins from his collegiate and professional football career. Hawkins may not have been as fortunate as other elite football players in his professional exploits. However, he may have just scored his most decisive touchdown in life when a judge found him not guilty of the domestic violence charges filed against him.

The domestic assault charges were filed by Hawkins’ wife after an alleged altercation. According to court documents, Hawkins’ wife accused the former Cincinnati Bengal of slashing her car tires and kicking in a door of the home where she was staying. The complainant claimed that this violent outburst caused her to fear for her own safety as well as the safety of her children.

Hawkins’ wife then filed for a restraining order. The 37-year-old retired defensive back, who now works as a National Football League commentator, posted $5,000 in bail for his temporary release. He was required to wear a monitoring device on his ankle. In the end, the former player, who retired in 2006, was found not guilty of the charges. Hawkins stated that some reports about the event were incorrect. He was pleased to clear his name and his reputation.

A domestic violence charge is a serious issue. A person accused of domestic abuse not only faces severe criminal penalties like possible jail time and expensive fines, but can be subjected to intense ridicule. Whether a person is a prominent member of society or an ordinary citizen, allegations can harshly affect one’s personal and professional life.

A White Plains, New York, resident accused of such charges may wish to seek the sound advice of a criminal law professional to help scrutinize witness testimonies and evidence. Experienced criminal professionals will ensure the accused’s rights are protected at all times and that they receive a zealous defense.

Source:, “Artrell Hawkins Found Not Guilty in Domestic Violence Dispute” Kathy Karadza, April 11, 2014