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May 2014 Archives

New York man pleads not guilty in girlfriend's fatal shooting

Some White Plains, New York residents automatically think that a person accused of criminal charges is already guilty of the crime. However, being charged does not equate to guilt. There are instances when a person can be wrongfully accused or was a victim of an unfortunate situation. A 26-year-old man from Cornwall who is facing criminal charges has indicated that he belongs in the latter category.

New York teacher faces embezzlement allegations

For many residents in White Plains, New York, white collar crimes may sound like inconsequential offenses, but in truth, the punishment for those convicted of such crimes can be quite severe. Embezzlement, fraud, larceny and theft are common offenses under the white collar crime umbrella. Accusations of these crimes often lead to felony charges, which can have more serious consequences compared to other criminal charges.

Music producer accused of domestic violence

Being accused of a crime can be a very serious and even damaging situation. This is especially true for celebrities and public figures. When they face a criminal charge they often also endure a damaged reputation, which could significantly affect their personal and professional life.

New Yorker once lauded as hero charged with selling drugs

Drug-related charges can severely alter the life of a White Plains, New York, resident. They can also affect people's perception of an accused person. An ordinary citizen can be perceived as a criminal. A New York man, who once received praise for defending himself against muggers, is now facing this blemish to his reputation because of drug charges.

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