Being accused of a crime can be a very serious and even damaging situation. This is especially true for celebrities and public figures. When they face a criminal charge they often also endure a damaged reputation, which could significantly affect their personal and professional life.

Recently music producer, singer and songwriter Terius Nash, who is more popularly known as The-Dream, made headlines for two controversial reasons. The first is his newly released song, which capitalizes on the banning of Donald Sterling from the NBA because of racist remarks. The second controversy is a domestic violence complaint lodged by the producer’s ex-girlfriend.

According to the report, the incident in question happened at a New York hotel in April of 2013. The victim, who was pregnant with The-Dream’s child at the time, told police that Nash assaulted her. Details of the confrontation, however, are vague. For instance, it is uncertain how the altercation started or escalated or why the girlfriend did not immediately report the incident to police.

This was not the only time the star and his girlfriend were embroiled in domestic abuse controversy. Last June, Nash was arrested for domestic assault; however, his girlfriend, the same woman, would not press any charges. Thus, the case was not pursued. With the latest allegations, Nash will be held in police custody, if they can locate him, and will be questioned about the accusations. In response to the charges, the celebrity claims that his ex is lying in an attempt to prolong her stay in the country because she is a Canadian citizen.

Whether a person is well known and in the public eye or is an average resident, accusations of domestic violence can be very serious. They could face serious penalties if convicted such as fines and jail time. Furthermore, being accused of such a crime could be very damaging to their personal and professional reputation. Devising a strong defense strategy could provide them options to reduce or drop the charges. Further investigation could lead to evidence becoming inadmissible. This could ultimately drop the pending charges.

Regardless of the circumstances, domestic abuse victims in New York may wish to immediately consider seeking the advice of an experienced legal professional that can provide guidance through the many facets of family and criminal law. It is also important for both parties of an accused domestic violence to fully understand the situation, what options they have and how they can protect their rights and interests.

Source:, “The-Dream Accused of Beating His Ex; Releases Song Inspired by Donald Sterling Ban,” April 30, 2014