Some White Plains, New York residents automatically think that a person accused of criminal charges is already guilty of the crime. However, being charged does not equate to guilt. There are instances when a person can be wrongfully accused or was a victim of an unfortunate situation. A 26-year-old man from Cornwall who is facing criminal charges has indicated that he belongs in the latter category.

The charges he faces stemmed from an incident that occurred last summer inside the home the accused man shared with his girlfriend. According to the report, on August 16, 2013, the 30-year-old woman was killed when a handgun fired accidentally. The gun belonged to the man. It was owned legally and was registered. The police added that the shooting happened as the couple was handling the firearm. The man was arraigned and his legal counsel filed a not guilty plea on the man’s behalf. He was subsequently released after paying the bail.

Firearms charges, along with other violent crimes involving the use of weapons, do not necessarily mean the incident was done on purpose. These charges could stem from an act of self-defense or an accident, as is the case for this man.

However, a suspect may need strong legal guidance to ensure that the court understands such a situation. Credible witness accounts and evidence can help solidify a suspect’s assertions of innocence. These and other pertinent facts should be included in an aggressive defense.

A White Plains, New York resident facing a similar situation may seek the assistance of a legal professional in preparing a defense. A professional can also help determine if there were errors in the investigation process and if a suspect’s rights were violated in any way. Having an immediate and aggressive legal strategy can make the difference in being convicted or acquitted.

Source: The Republic, “Upstate New York man charged in girlfriend’s fatal shooting last summer; gun went off in home,” May 16, 2014