Disputes happen in life, especially in a marriage or a relationship. Despite this, some arguments can go much further than a verbal disagreement. A physical altercation could destroy or harm the relationship. Furthermore, this could lead to a criminal charge for a spouse or member of the couple.

New York Knicks fans, as well as sports enthusiasts across the state, are probably familiar with the name James Johnson. The Memphis Grizzlies forward has averaged just over seven points and three rebounds for his team last season. He was also once nicknamed “blood sport” for his aggressive nature on the court, both when on offense and defense. However, Johnson has allegedly carried his aggressive nature off court as his wife has accused him of domestic assault.

It was recently reported that the NBA player had a domestic dispute with his wife inside their residence at around two in the morning. The wife called the police, claiming that she was struck in the face and choked by the Grizzlies’ forward. She added that while waiting for the police, she waited inside the couple’s bathroom and held their child.

Johnson allegedly punched a hole through the bathroom door. His wife then gave their child to her mother, but Johnson allegedly pushed the woman and took the child. He supposedly ran away but later came back. He was then arrested and taken into custody.

According to police, the woman refused treatment for her injuries and did not appear to have visible injuries from the alleged choking and hits to the face. Police later found out that the couple had been drinking in their home before the incident occurred. Meanwhile, The Memphis Grizzlies declined to further comment about the matter and added that they were presently gathering information about the incident.

Domestic violence allegations, whether the accused is a celebrity or an ordinary resident, can lead to damaging consequences. Besides reduced employment opportunities, a New York resident’s personal reputation can also suffer and he or she can also be shunned or ridiculed by the community. Anyone accused of this crime should prepare a sound defense to effectively counteract these charges. This could cause these allegations and charges to be reduced or dropped.

No matter the severity of the offense or potential consequences, a defendant is entitled to a defense. A strong defense strategy could drop the charges against them and clear their name. Understanding the situation and what options they have could help protect their rights and seeking guidance could preserve their interest as well.

Source: CBS Sports, “Grizzlies James Johnson charged with domestic assault,” James Herbert, June 7, 2014