A New York City police officer has been accused of attempted murder, DUI and assault after he allegedly shot a person in what authorities are calling a random act.

According to a police report, the officer, who has now been suspended, parked his car near an intersection in White Plains. Reportedly, while another vehicle was stopped at the nearby traffic light, the officer came up to the stopped vehicle and fired 14 times into the car. While the driver did not suffer any injuries, the passenger was hit six times. There is no indication that the officer had any relationship with the alleged victim.

Police stopped the officer some time after he allegedly drove away from the scene of the violent crime. After the stop, authorities apparently began to suspect that alcohol had played a part in the officer’s reported behavior. According to police, the officer admitted to drinking a lot of alcohol prior to the incident. The officer also denied that he had any recollection of the events giving rise to the attempted murder charges.

This police officer now faces up to 25 years in prison should a jury convict him of the attempted charge. Furthermore, the officer now faces the permanent loss of his ability to practice his profession because he stands accused of violent crimes. Finally, the alleged victim has already threatened to sue the officer and his police department; a criminal conviction could make it difficult for the officer to defend against a potentially costly civil case.

For all of these reasons, the officer may want to mount an aggressive defense against these charges in order to protect his reputation, freedom and livelihood.

Source: Newsobserver.com, “Filing: NYC officer said he drank before shooting,” Jim Fitzgerald, July 3, 2014.