When you own and operate a business, you are tasked with many things. One of these is to ensure money is timely collected from customers and debtors. Business owners tend to have a lot on their plate, making debt collection something that can weigh them down and even impact the financial health of a business. Therefore, business owners need to understand how best to address these matters so they do not harm the daily operations of the business.

Whether you are trying to collect money, obtain a judgment or are attempting to enforce a judgment, this is not always an easy predicament to face. This is where legal assistance can really help. At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our experienced legal team has an extensive background in collections and judgment enforcement and has helped countless business owners in the Westchester area collect the debt that is owed to them.

With the assistance of investigators and CPAs, our law firm is skilled at locating the assets that could be used to pay off the debts owed or satisfy the judgments ordered. Thus, we gain a full picture of the matter, determining what solutions are available for our clients.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s collections and judgment enforcement website. It is not easy seeing outstanding debt uncollected when business owners attempt to balance their books. This can be overwhelming for business owners, making it difficult to assess what future endeavors they could take on. Just like debt is harmful to individuals and businesses, so too is uncollected profits for a company. Therefore, taking the time to take action on these debts is not only good for the business owner but for the business overall.