Walking is the most traditional and simple way to get around. Even when residents in New York and elsewhere primarily get around by vehicle, they still need to walk in parking lots, sidewalks and inside stores, government buildings, restaurants, homes and their place of employment. Everyone at some point is a pedestrian.

While it seems relatively safe to travel by foot in these places, the reality is that individuals are faced with a wide variety of risks and dangers when walking anywhere.  No one expects a property owner to be negligent or fail to rid the area of dangers. However, when this occurs, a serious slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident could occur. A fall could cause a victim to suffer injuries to the limbs, back, head and internal organs. At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our law firm understands the pain and suffering that could follow such a fall.  We are prepared to help slip/ trip and fall victims in the White Plains area assert their rights and file a premises liability action to recover damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and income.

Following a slip/trip-and-fall accident, a victim is likely shocked by the incident. The injuries suffered are likely their focal point, making it difficult for him or her to fully understand the ramifications. Our experienced attorneys are skilled at slip/trip -and-fall actions, using their knowledge of the applicable laws to help our clients pursue a premises liability action.

We are detailed with our research and investigation. We take the time to fully understand what caused our client’s fall. Whether it is spilled liquids, damaged carpet, folded rugs, broken stairs or flooring, poor lighting or iced parking lots or sidewalks, we will determine if a property owner was aware of these dangers and could have prevented the accident from occurring. By collecting evidence, speaking with witnesses and consulting with experts, we seek to make a solid case for our clients.

To learn more check out our law firm’s personal injury website. No one expects to be injured, especially when entering the property of others. However, if you have suffered from a fall at the property of another’s, it is important to understand your rights and how to recover compensation for your losses.