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February 2018 Archives

The benefits of virtual divorce mediation

The movies and the media portray that divorce is a very complex, messy and dispute-filled time. This is often not far from the truth for some divorcing couples in New York and elsewhere. However, many couples in New York do not want to go through a spiteful and stressful divorce. Many couples seek out divorce methods that could help with an amicable divorce. This is where divorce mediation can be extremely helpful and valuable.

What holiday is the most dangerous for motorists?

We all spend time in motor vehicles. Whether it is our own personal vehicle, another person's vehicle or public transportation, we all rely on motor vehicles to get us from place to place. There are certain times of the year when individuals in New York and elsewhere plan to take to the road. Holidays are a great reason to plan a family vacation. However, many others have that same idea. This results in an influx of traffic and a heightened risk for fatal automobile collisions.

Bronx man sentenced to jail for crash killing four

There are times when it is safe and unsafe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is unsafe when a driver is intoxicated, taking certain medication, is angry, fatigued and distracted. It is safe when a driver is able to abide by the rules of the road, fulfilling his or her duty to drive safe. When a driver is negligent, this is the perfect recipe for disaster. An automobile collision is not something everyone can walk away from. A fatal accident not only takes away lives but impacts loved ones survived by the deceased.

Understanding the dangers involved with distracted driving

Due to our busy lives, we all tend to tackle more than one thing at a time. Multi-tasking has become survival mode for many, but it is not something that should be done in all environments. Take texting for example. It is perfectly safe to do while you are at home cooking, at work checking emails and at the store while you are shopping. However, it is not something you should do while you are driving. Multitasking behind the wheel can put a driver, their passengers and other travelers on or near the roadway at risk.

What are your visitation rights if you are denied custody?

Parents in New York and elsewhere face the natural ups and downs when it comes to being part of a family. However, when the relationship is stressed between parents and it is apparent that it will no longer work, divorce is often the best step to take. Although no one is happy about getting a divorce, it is often what is best for everyone involved, especially the children.

Is a secret affair with credit cards worse than being unfaithful?

Many U.S. couples are keeping a big secret from their significant other that could tear their relationship apart. According to a Bankrate poll, 15 million people are hiding credit cards, checking accounts or savings from their live-in partners. Discovering that your partner is keeping financial secrets can feel like a violation of trust.

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