There are times when it is safe and unsafe to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is unsafe when a driver is intoxicated, taking certain medication, is angry, fatigued and distracted. It is safe when a driver is able to abide by the rules of the road, fulfilling his or her duty to drive safe. When a driver is negligent, this is the perfect recipe for disaster. An automobile collision is not something everyone can walk away from. A fatal accident not only takes away lives but impacts loved ones survived by the deceased.

Two bad decisions caused a fatal crash that recently landed a Bronx man in jail. According to reports, the man was traveling in White Plains with his wife and two-year-old daughter. The man decided to turn his body toward the back seat, using his knees to steer while he made this maneuver.

The vehicle did not remain in its lane. Although his wife grabbed the wheel of the SUV, it still crossed the median and struck another vehicle. The impact of the collision killed three in the other vehicle, all family members. The crash also took the life of the man’s two-year-old daughter.

Following investigation and a toxicology report, authorities discovered that the man had taken much more than his recommended dose of an anxiety medicine prescribed to him. This crash took place in 2015, and just recently the man was sentenced to jail boot camp via the request of the surviving family members. He is sentenced to a jail term of four months which is followed by five years of probation.

When a fatal crash occurs, a negligent driver could be faced with criminal and civil penalties. The authorities may charge the driver for their wrongdoings. Surviving family members can use the details of the criminal charges to help them in their pursuit of a wrongful death suit. This could help prove liability while assisting with the recovery of compensation.

Source:, “NY man gets jail boot camp for crash that killed 4,” Jan. 25, 2018