The movies and the media portray that divorce is a very complex, messy and dispute-filled time. This is often not far from the truth for some divorcing couples in New York and elsewhere. However, many couples in New York do not want to go through a spiteful and stressful divorce. Many couples seek out divorce methods that could help with an amicable divorce. This is where divorce mediation can be extremely helpful and valuable.

Divorce mediation is when couples come to the table, with the aid of a mediator, to work through their divorce issues in a civil manner. Whether it is face-to-face or in separate rooms, this process can help produce a workable divorce decree. But does divorce mediation have to take place in the same location? The answer is no.

Virtual divorce mediation may be an option for some. This process was added because it was recognized that couples needed more flexibility, convenience and the ability to reduce costs. This innovative process understands that even though couples are willing to go through mediation, it is still difficult to be in the same room as their ex. Additionally, this process allows couples to complete mediation in the comfort of their own home, or from any location for that matter.

All the benefits of traditional divorce mediation are preserved during divorce mediation. However, virtual mediation can add some added benefits, especially if the divorcing couple is looking for some flexibility to complete the process in a certain timeframe.

Divorce is never easy, even when couples see eye-to-eye and agree it is the best thing for them. Thus, it is vital to understand what divorce options you have and what best suits you and your current and future needs.

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