We all spend time in motor vehicles. Whether it is our own personal vehicle, another person’s vehicle or public transportation, we all rely on motor vehicles to get us from place to place. There are certain times of the year when individuals in New York and elsewhere plan to take to the road. Holidays are a great reason to plan a family vacation. However, many others have that same idea. This results in an influx of traffic and a heightened risk for fatal automobile collisions.

What holiday is the most dangerous for motorists? According to current statistics, drivers and passengers are four times as likely to die in a motor vehicle collision over Memorial Day weekend compared to just a regular weekend. During this holiday, roughly 39.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles for the weekend. Of these people, it is estimated that 88 percent drive to their destination.

Following Memorial Day, the Fourth of July is the second deadliest holiday celebrated in the U.S. It is thought that a multitude of people are traveling at night to and from firework displays, this increases the chance of being involved in a crash. This holiday is followed by Labor Day then Easter.

In contrast, the least dangerous holiday for motorists is Christmas, which is followed by New Years. It is believed that public service announcements have contributed to the decreasing rate of fatal crashes occurring during these holidays.

Holiday or not, fatal crashes occur every day in the U.S. The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event to experience, causing the surviving family members to suffer many losses. In these matters, it may be possible to file a wrongful death action to hold a negligent driver accountable and recover compensation for losses and damages.

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