When parents in New York decide to end their marriage, they are often worried about how much the divorce process with cost them. However, when children are involved, they will take any and all necessary steps to ensure the child is protected and their best interests are met. Even if a difficult child custody dispute breaks out, this does not automatically mean that spouses are stuck with costly litigation as their only method towards resolution.

At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our skilled legal team is dedicated to providing cost-effective and positive resolutions for our clients in the White Plains area. This means we carefully assess the details of our clients’ family law matters, being sensitive to the emotions and wishes of our clients.

When negotiating for joint child custody, visitation rights or even sole custody, we consider our client’s needs as well as factors that could impact the best interests of the child involved. Our goal is to work with our clients and their ex-spouse when determining what a favorable yet amicable agreement looks like. In addition to helping to establish an initial custody order, we have helped countless clients revisit these matters when situations evolve, causing modifications to be necessary.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s family law and divorce website. While we passionately advocate for our client’s custody rights, we can help divorcing parents address a wide range of family law issues. It is important to understand your rights and options so you can make well-informed decisions that could impact you and your child for the rest of their lives.