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April 2018 Archives

Will I have to pay alimony?

Getting divorced is not an easy or enjoyable process, and most people just want to put the event behind them and focus on the future. Unfortunately, that can be a challenge when there is something tying you to your ex.

Helping people take action against truck violations

We all likely share the roads with large trucks on a daily basis. While motorists in New York view these drivers just like any driver on the road, the truth of the matter is that truck drivers have more duties to uphold, causing them to face more scrutiny when it comes to following the rules of the road and the regulations that control the trucking industry. Facing a trucking violation is not the same as a motorist facing a traffic violation. The consequences can sometimes be severe enough to jeopardize a truck driver's career.

Parenting time following a divorce

Sometimes relationships come to an end. However, when married parents in New York and elsewhere decide to call it quits, this does not mean they are calling it quits on their relationship with their child. Although spouses no longer what to live together or have a relationship with one another, this should not alter or strain the relationship that a mother or father has with their child. During the divorce process, however, parents must determine what parenting will look like post-divorce.

When is one entitled to spousal maintenance in a divorce?

Divorce is not only an emotional process, but it is also a financial one. Even when complex assets are not involved, it can still be challenging for spouses to sort through all the finances. And, spouses will need to develop a post-divorce budget that addresses their new financial situation. Sometimes a spouse may come to the realization that they will have a very hard time making ends meet following their divorce. Thus, some spouses in New York and elsewhere seek spousal support (maintenance) to offset the financial challenges he or she might have for the short and long-term.

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