We all likely share the roads with large trucks on a daily basis. While motorists in New York view these drivers just like any driver on the road, the truth of the matter is that truck drivers have more duties to uphold, causing them to face more scrutiny when it comes to following the rules of the road and the regulations that control the trucking industry. Facing a trucking violation is not the same as a motorist facing a traffic violation. The consequences can sometimes be severe enough to jeopardize a truck driver’s career.

Minor or major, a traffic violation can significantly impact truck drivers. Because of this, truck drivers will want to fight any ticket they receive. At Jasne & Florio, LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to helping truck drivers in New York understand their rights and take action to protect them. When a citation is issued or a truck driver is charged with a criminal traffic violation, this could threaten a truck driver’s ability to maintain his or her commercial diver’s license.

With personalized attention on each of our cases, our law firm is able to provide strategic and aggressive representation for our clients. Whether it is a speeding ticket, a citation for the failure to stop, a DWI or any other traffic violation, we can help truck drivers avoid the penalties that could befall upon them.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s truck violations website. No matter what you drive or how long you have been driving, it is important to take steps to protect your right and prepare a defense against such charges. With your career possibly on the line, it is important to not take this situation lightly.