No White Plains, New York, resident really wants to deal with the fallout from a traffic ticket. In addition to a few hundred dollars in fines, a ticket also can mean higher insurance rates and licensing problems.

Those who hold a CDL often face even more serious consequences for certain types of traffic violations. To give a couple of examples, if a truck driver is caught driving a commercial vehicle with over .04 blood alcohol content, then the driver will not be able to legally operate a commercial vehicle for a year, or, for a subsequent offense, at least a decade. This is so even though .04 is below the legal limit in New York.

Likewise, if a trucker gets convicted of speeding by 15 miles per hour or more on more than one occasion in a three-year period, then the trucker will have to serve a 60-day disqualification from commercial driving privileges. Additional violations will result in a disqualification for 120 days.

Speeding is not the only violation that can lead to these types of penalties. Other common violations that can cost a commercial driver his or her privileges include following too close and erratically changing lanes.

Without commercial driving privileges, a professional truck driver has no means of legally earning a living in his or her chosen profession. This makes fighting New York truck violations particularly important, as a driver accused of such violations may have no other viable alternative.

For these reasons, a truck driver who is accused of a traffic violation, even if it is a first-time offense, may want to speak with a CDL defense attorney in New York to help the trucker evaluate his or her legal options. In some cases, it may make sense to attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor or even fight the traffic ticket in court.