A New York woman, although almost 80 years old, is facing serious charges relating to an alleged drunk driving incident that injured 9 people in a town just a few miles from White Plains. Of these 9 people, 5 were taken to hospitals and 4 were described as critically injured.

According to reports, the woman got in to her car which was parked in spot reserved for the disabled. The spot was near a local Italian eatery. Several people were in the restaurant enjoying a late evening dinner.

Police say the woman first put her car in to reverse to get out of the parking spot and hit another vehicle in that process. Moments later, her car backed through the front window of the restaurant where customers were dining.

The woman was arrested at some point after the accident and has been charged. She has posted bail, although it is not clear whether she will be allowed to return to her home which is out of state.

While it may be hard to dispute that this woman caused a serious accident, that doesn’t mean that the woman is guilty of any crime at all, much less a crime involving an OWI.

There are in fact many reasons why people could lose control of their vehicles to the point of crashing in to a building, and there also may be other defenses available to the woman that could deflect, or at least minimize, the accusations against her. Still, these charges must be taken seriously, and the woman would be well-advised to seek the assistance of an experienced criminal law attorney.