While other states have laws pertaining to knives, New York’s regulations are known for being somewhat strict. They are rigorous enough where even a well-meaning resident of White Plains could find herself in trouble for possessing or illegally distributing knives. These charges are serious and can carry with them long-term consequences.

By way of example, state law bans a lot of different types of knives that, in other states, may well be perfectly legal. A switchblade, for example, is banned. Moreover, except if one has a hunting of fishing license, gravity knives are not allowed. A gravity knife is one that can be opened quickly, usually with just a rapid jerk rather than having to unfasten a clip or take some other step.

One should also be aware that New York City has its own ordinances prohibiting knives of over four inches.

Being accused of breaking these laws can mean a serious weapons charge under state law. Although the charge is a misdemeanor absent additional circumstances, a conviction can still mean jail time and will likely mean probation and a lot of fees. Of course, one will also have to explain to future employers and others why a weapons-related charge appears on their criminal record.

These sorts of charges require an assertive response and criminal defense. It is important for those accused of violating New York’s knife laws to know what their legal rights and options are. They may also want to have assistance with either taking their case to trial before a judge or jury or by attempting to negotiate a reasonable deal with the local prosecutor. A criminal law attorney can be of valuable assistance in this process.