While it is common to find posts on family law issues, particularly divorce, many of them highlight the emotional difficulties that can come with a split. After all, some regard divorce with the same emotional pain that the death of a loved one can bring. Such pain can spill over into other areas of a person’s life, affecting both personal and professional relationships.

Because of this, it is important to talk about divorce planning. Indeed, some revelations about divorce may catch people off guard, but for the large majority of people going through a divorce, the signs have been present for quite some time. Regardless, planning can help put things in perspective so that informed decisions can be made about the future.

One of the most important decisions about divorce is deciding when to initiate one. This post will identify a few points during the year where it may be beneficial to start the process.

When you have your financial paperwork assembled – Divorce invariably involves an examination of one’s financial position. Because of this, having relevant documents on hand can save a great deal of time and money (since discovery may not be necessary). Examples of such documents include tax returns, business expense reports, credit card statements and investment statements.

When you assemble the right team – Having an experienced family law attorney is a given, but it takes a team effort to provide high level representation in high asset divorces. This means that an experienced accountant, a custody consultant and a behavioral therapist can all play a role in a divorce. When you have your team assembled, it may be time to file for divorce.

When the kids know what’s going on – In some divorces, people are bound to be blindsided, whether it is a narcissistic spouse or in-laws who are not really involved in the marriage. Of all the people who may be surprised by a divorce filing, it should not be the children. Kids deserve to know how their lives may be impacted by their parents’ choices.

If you have additional questions about initiating a divorce, an experienced divorce attorney can advise you.